Improving match analysis

Our league production offers new ways of marketing football leagues and precise match analysis for the clubs. Customer-orientated and precise match analysis unbolt new perspectives on the game. Across Europe, we offer the recording and archiving of all league matches over a complete season.

Scouting Feed

Full match video material is available in our online archive. For you to analyse, check out opposition or for scouting.

Content Creation

We can generate custom videos from all content –we deliver real time, authentic images for your company, club or federation.


90 minutes of pure football

We give our partners the opportunity to download every recorded game plus match reports. This service enables the club to analyse not only their own game but also that of their opponents. Moreover, they get the chance to discover new talent and to scout for interesting players. Federations use the Scouting Feed to observe referees and to support the sports court with pictures.

Match analysis

Our tactic camcorder captures all the players in one single shot. This way it’s easier for coaches and players to analyse basic tactical rules, shifts and paths travelled.

Analysing the opponent

No matter if defence or offence, free kicks or individual tactics, our video material will give the best insight into your opponent’s game.

Players scouting

Our comprehensive league production enables you to screen and analyse players in many different leagues. Discover new talents and monitor them over a longer period of time.


Customized editorial highlights

We also produce videos according to your needs and requirements. Using targeted recordings, our camcorder operators give you the opportunity to upgrade your marketing campaign with footage that takes you to the heart of the action, which you can share on Social Media or Club-TV. You can benefit from professionally edited and authentic shots with a short delivery time.

Goal Show

Our Goal Show recaps the most important match day scenes in a compact and attractive way. Watch every game and every goal.


We show our live streams on relevant social media channels like Facebook or YouTube.

Club TV

We professionally create customised, analysed highlight reports of selected games. Tailored for broadcasting on Club-TV.


German Third Division

We follow the third professional football division in Germany, throughout the whole season. Our magazine includes all of the week’s goals, an exclusive Scouting Feed for all clubs and a special “Best Of” video compilation. Every weekend we get you as close as possible to the action.


Women Bundesliga

We follow the top women’s football division in Germany. The “Frauen-Bundesliga” is part of the German Football Association (DFB). As a partner, Die Ligen provides frequent analysis, game reports and match day summaries.


Dropkick is our software to manage and organise our daily work. Because of Dropkick we are more effective, have better monitoring, can decrease our costs and ensure a fast delivery of our products. Dropkick is the ideal interface for our customers and partners.

Our network

Our network of camcorder operators work beyond national borders and make it possible to record many different leagues at the same time. The constantly growing network of our operators forms the core of our work. For this reason, we are able to provide customised and fast simultaneous services.


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