LIGEN .analytics remains official match analysis partner of Austria’s 2. Liga

After a first successful year together, the Austrian Football Bundesliga has decided to continue the cooperation with LIGEN .analytics in the field of match analysis.

The official partnership, focussing on match analysis, scouting and collection of match data, has been extended. LIGEN .analytics will continue to produce videos of every game from the 2. Liga, always filmed with a tactical focus. The video production is complemented by the “Advanced analysis package”, whereby all matches are broken down into 12 main and 41 sub-categories. This contextual evaluation of match sequences for all 240 fixtures over the season enables on the one hand multidimensional filtering of videos and provides on the other hand an extensive amount of match data.


Moreover, all clubs have access to the possibility of live-tagging during the game as well as direct data provision after the final whistle. In this way it is possible to carry out an in-depth analysis both of one’s own team and also of the next opponents.


Compared to last season, the portfolio has been extended to include the comprehensive collection and processing of match data. Alongside line-up and formations of all teams, this also includes extensive data on categories such as build-up play, counter-attacks, defensive behaviour or set-pieces in the form of  user-friendly statistics and graphics.

David Reisenauer (Chairman of Match Organisation, Austrian Bundesliga) is positive about the continuation of the partnership: “tactics and match analysis are a key component of development and success in modern football. We are therefore proud to continue our cooperation with LIGEN .analytics and to widen the possibilities for data collection in order to offer our clubs a professional, video- and data-based foundation for match analysis and scouting.”


In addition to the 2. Liga, “Die Ligen Austria” also produces a scouting feed and analysis of multiple Austrian national teams, both men and women, ranging from Under-16 up to senior level, as well as the Planet-Pure Women’s Bundesliga, the top tier in women’s football. Finally, the Austrian coverage is topped off with the production of the Under-14 state championships – the Elite of the future.