LIGEN agrees strategic technology partnership with Track160


LIGEN has secured a strategic technology partnership with Track160 in order to offer increasingly comprehensive match analysis solutions to clubs, federations and media partners in the future. The planned cooperation involves complementing our own expertise in video production and contextual match analysis with positional data (tracking & performance).

LIGEN has been in communication with Track160 over the past two years regarding the development and significance of positional data in football. In this time, many synergies have been recognised between the two companies, which will now come into effect in the future collaboration. The partnership follows as a logical step from these discussions and from the increased needs of clubs and federations in the field of data collection.

LIGEN already boasts a wide portfolio in the areas of video production and qualitative match analysis based on our contextual concept.This range of services will now see a future expansion to incorporate the sectors of tracking and performance. As a FIFA-certified specialist in the field of optical tracking, Track160 represents the ideal partner. The implementation can be delivered using not only stationary, but also mobile solutions. The system is capable of capturing players, referees and the ball simultaneously from a single perspective.

The partnership will enable reciprocity in the areas of market knowledge, customer relationships, product development, operational expertise, platform know-how and technological competence. For clubs and federations, this means the opportunity to profit from collective, comprehensive offers which fulfil many qualitative and technological needs.

About Track160:

Track160 is the first and only FIFA-certified system that is able to track the ball and all players on the pitch in 3D from a single viewing point. The system is based on the latest computer vision and deep learning technologies and delivers fully automated and visually accurate tracking data on players, referees and the ball.