LIGEN .analytics launches new statistics as part of ADVANCED analysis package

Today we are delighted to present a new development in our analysis portfolio, which is available with immediate effect to all our partner clubs as part of the ADVANCED analysis package.

David Wood

Three new statistical reports have been released – League Rankings, Team Stats and Match Previews. These reports offer coaches and analysts a multitude of opportunities in order to analyse both their own team and the opposition with more precision than ever before.

In every statistical report, all main- and sub-categories that we analyse in our ADVANCED analysis package are presented in different ways:

League Rankings provide an extensive comparison of all teams within a competition. How have the goals that each participating team has scored and conceded originated – be it from build-up, counter or set-piece situations? Which teams have converted the largest percentage of their chances and which have yet to find their shooting boots?

League Rankings: goals of each team, categorised by origin

With League Rankings, coaches and analysts have the opportunity to delve beneath the surface of the league table and to determine the true performance of every team. Sporting directors and scouts can also find, thanks to our data, specific sides who employ a similar playing style to their own team and therefore identify suitable players to add to the transfer shortlist.

In the case of Team Stats, we take an in-depth look at teams on an individual basis. What style of play do they follow? From which zones, flanks and sectors to their attacks originate and which attacking solutions do they utilise?

Team Stats: attacking solutions used + outcome

Is the influence of the head coach clearly recognisable and which tactical variations have brought the most success? Whether it’s for analysing your own team or the opposition, Team Stats contain valuable information which can allow clear tendencies to be identified.

In Match Previews, which we publish before each matchday, the two participants of each fixture are directly compared with one another. Where are there similarities and in which areas do the teams differ? How effective have the counter-attacks of the two teams been over the course of the season? How has the defensive play of the two sides developed over time? How do they approach set-piece situations?

Match Previews: effectiveness of counter-attacks over time

Thanks to Match Previews, coaches and analysts are able gain an insight into which specific areas should be considered in the pre-match preparations or discussed with the squad in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises on matchday.


The examples demonstrated above represent just the beginning of the countless analytical possibilities that our League Rankings, Team Stats and Match Previews provide. Through these new statistical reports, we hope that our partner clubs will be better equipped than ever before for all their analytical and scouting needs.