LIGEN develops high tripod together with KARO-SportSystems

KARO-SportSystems is regarded as one of the leading providers of high tripods and camera towers. Together with LIGEN, following an extensive development process, the renowned manufacturer has created a high tripod specially adapted to the demands of elite youth football.

The cooperation came about due to the continually challenging infrastructure, especially in the Junior Bundesliga, but also in comparable youth leagues abroad. The regular camera positions in these leagues often provide a restricted view of the on-field action and therefore make it difficult to offer a consistently high video quality across all venues.

In order to solve this problem, which has occupied LIGEN analytics ever since the comprehensive coverage of the Junior Bundesliga began, but is also relevant in other Regional league stadiums, positive talks were held with KARO-SportSystems and subsequently a strategic partnership was agreed.

The development process, which extended over several months and saw several different prototypes being tested, ultimately reaped its rewards: in June, LIGEN was able to test the bespoke model over several matchdays of the FLYERALARM Women’s Bundesliga and the results speak for themselves:

The key difference compared to alternative models is the use of a so-called gimbal, which holds the camera in place at the top of the high tripod. Until now, such systems have generally been manoeuvred mechanically. Through the use of a gimbal, which acts as an image stabiliser, the camera always remains level and provides for extremely smooth pivoting and tilting.


“It was an intensive but enjoyable and rewarding development process, which we had a lot of fun with and we are happy to contribute a significant part towards the improvement of filming conditions in stadiums” Mark Rosenthal – chief executive of Karo-SportSystems


As early as this coming season, more than 30 high tripods will be used in Germany alone, specifically in locations where the local infrastructure means an improvement in video quality is required. We will place a particular focus on the Junior Bundesliga (U-17 and U-19).