Go-ahead for Spanish U19 Elite

7 groups, 114 teams and 1710 games: the ball has been rolling in group 4 of the U19 Division de Honor Juvenil since last weekend, with the remaining 6 groups kicking off this week. Die Ligen GmbH supports the league with a large portfolio of services, where not only clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla but also all other Spanish professional teams are represented with their elite youngsters.

The cooperation between Die Ligen and the Spanish football association RFEF grows ever closer. Starting with two groups, this season video provider Die Ligen now covers a total of six groups, comprising 1470 games in total. The comprehensive delivery of all match videos in the so-called “tactic-cam” format, supplemented by team-tactical event data, provides the basis for structured match analysis. All content is made available via our own platform, Coaching Cockpit.

Further productions

We are similarly delighted to be continuing our coverage of Segunda B. After three successful years, Die Ligen is now entering its fourth season and covers all four groups of Spain’s third-highest footballing tier, a total of 1520 games. Alongside the league production, we also deliver live streams of rugby matches as well as individual match recordings for FC Barcelona. For Barcelona we are additionally active in the field of women’s football.

In order to realise the blanket coverage, in the second half of the season new video operators were recruited in Bilbao, Valencia, Barcelona and Malaga and subsequently trained for tactical filming. With a 90-man strong network, all Spanish productions are covered. At the same time, despite being based in Stuttgart, we focus on maintaining personal contact to video operators and to clubs. The entire organisation is coordinated by a four-person Spanish core team.