LIGEN in France

The successful partnership between Die Ligen and the French football association (FFF) continues: in addition to the comprehensive coverage of National 2, this year sees the top tier of futsal as well as a media production for the highest women’s league (D1 Arkema) joining the repertoire.

After the successful debut season in 2018/19, the partnership between Die Ligen and the FFF enters the next stage. With seven matchdays already played in N2, where many B teams of Ligue 1 clubs ply their trade, we can deliver a positive appraisal and are delighted to have put together a strong package for the FFF.
Amongst other things, we deliver not only team-tactical analyses but also important scouting-specific data to clubs across all four groups of N2. Moreover, our own internal post-production team delivers individual goal shows every matchday, which the FFF regularly posts on its YouTube channel. For the elite of French women’s football we are similarly active in the field of media and put together a summary of the best goals and saves every matchday in the form of highlight clips and goal shows.

Futsal – Kings of the court

We are now entering our third successive year of producing the national “D1 Futsal” competition, the highest tier in France. The futsal teams also receive team-tactical event data from us in order to assist with the development of their game. Furthermore, the FFF counts on our expertise in the production of media content: regular goal shows as well as numerous highlight reports underline our close cooperation.
Just like in other countries, equally in France the blanket coverage is only possible thanks to the help of our operator network. To this end we have placed a particular focus this year on training new filmers in the St. Etienne and Marseille regions. The filmer network in France, which currently comprises over 80 filmers, is coordinated and supported by our French core team.